What is Chaos Magic? From an unindoctrinated chaos witch

What is chaos magic?

I am not here today to tell you about the official school of chaos magick, there are plenty of others more qualified to do so. I don’t belong to labels, or schools or any one tradition. However, I have learned much from chaos magic, and use it often, so, in the spirit of chaos, I will tell you what chaos magic means to me, how I use it, and how it works (for me).



What others say about Chaos

chaos  (ˈkeɪɒs)
1. complete disorder; utter confusion
2. ( usually capital ) the disordered formless matter supposed to have existed before the ordered universe
3. an obsolete word for abyss
[C15: from Latin, from Greek khaos;  compare chasm , yawn]

In many religions, mythos and spiritual schools Chaos (Kaos/khaos etc) refers to something akin to a voidless form before the world was created. We are told that “In the beginning there was chaos” means “In the beginning there was nothing.” More on that later. In more literal terms, it can be associated with chasm, abyss, void, or a deep fissure in the earth, often in these older traditions referring to the underworld, hell etc.

Chaos theory, however, is a mathematical field of study that maintains “small differences in initial conditions yield widely diverging outcomes for such dynamical systems, rendering long-term prediction impossible in general.” Basically, one small change in any given system can create such diverse results that we can’t really say what will or will not happen. Think Butterfly Effect.

In Chaos Magick “Chaos is the field that underlies all things which exist.” (Hiram Gordon Wells). There are plenty of places on the web to learn about the school of Chaos Magick.


What I say about Chaos

We have been taught in this materialistic authoritarian civilization that chaos is the antithesis of order, that they don’t co-mingle and that you can’t have both.


Chaos and order actually get along quite well and have a happy, productive relationship, and here’s why.

Order is great, it does things like: build pyramids, plan green cities, figure out how to feed millions of starving people, establish law and order, create religions. It also does things like: orchestrate wars for profit, come up with genetically modified (poisonous) foods, establish totalitarian regimes, create class war and caste systems, use religion as tool to perpetuate violence and hate. Therefore, order needs chaos.


Because chaos is great, it does things like: make art, make babies, promote laughter, break down oppression, revolt against totalitarianism, encourages free thought, destroys preconceived notions. It also does things like: start proverbial wildfires, destroys infrastructure, breaks down personal boundaries. Therefore, chaos needs order.

See where I’m going here?

Order creates the harmonic scale and the concept of music, chaos plays the music, brings it to life, preforms it, and gives it soul. They are both awesome, and necessary.  We need both, chaos and order to be happy healthy human beings and societies. Just like we need both masculine and feminine energies to be happy, healthy human beings and societies.

Life is about balance.

But what happens when we are falling too far into order? We find oppression, violence, hate, greed and totalitarian governments. In comes chaos magic.

Without order, there is chaos they say. And they go further to promote the idea that chaos is destruction, violence, the loss of personal property, personal rights, and dignity. Without order, they say, the world would be a scary place.

However, lets look at this realistically, taking off the materialistic blinders we’ve been wearing for a few thousand years now.

Death, destruction and chaos have come to be viewed as negative, undesirable things. But we’re only looking at them through the ordered lens. Spiritually, destruction is usually a very good thing. Only once we’ve deconstructed the walls others have built “for” us, can we begin to build our own structures. Destruction leaves room for creation, “death” of an idea/iconoclast/belief leaves room for the rebirth of something stronger, more in depth and egalitarian.

In many (most?) esoteric traditions death symbolizes not the physical death of the body, but the spiritual death of preconceived ideas, oppressive notions, societal restraints. Death is the journey of the soul inside oneself. The underworld is not a hellish place you go when your physical body dies, but a spiritual existence “inside” you at all times. To delve into the underworld is to break free from the bonds order has put upon you and find the primordial goo of the real you underneath. There we are reborn, like a phoenix from the ashes of our own inadequacies. We leave materialism for spirituality, leave hate for love, leave “normal” for creation. The true chaos witch or magician (it can be you, you may not even know it) can do this many times throughout the current life they lead, not to mention the myriad of other lives they will/have/do experience.

The easiest example to imagine is a bad break up: you loved this person with everything you had, you can’t possibly live without them, you don’t know how to go on, the world is ending, everything is shite. However, you loving this person with everything you had wasn’t leaving room for you or anything else! “Killing” the notion that you can’t live without said person brings about a rebirth, a revolution in the way you love and see the world. You begin to feel thankful and lucky you got to love them at all. You recognize how much you’ve grown, learned, and how strong you can love. You learn how strong you are, and that you don’t actually need this other person to survive. And now you have opened the way for more love in your life. Everything happens for a reason, you are happy, and you do not need another person to define you, you define yourself and because of that, the love that comes into your life will be stronger, more passionate and healthy. Voila! This is chaos, which becomes order, which begets chaos.

We cannot, I repeat, CANNOT move forward in our spirituality until we are ready to face the symbolic death of the material self. This is chaos at it’s heart. So, does chaos break down materialism and personal property? Yes. But is that really such a bad thing? If the entire universe we live in is material, there is no room for spirituality, and religion or science without spirituality is doomed. Is chaos the death of personal rights and dignity. Hell no. Chaos is the instiller of personal rights and dignity. Don’t listen to what the authoritarians tell you, please. They don’t want you to have personal rights and dignity. They want you to give it all up for the “greater good”. Look how that turned out for Dumbledore.


SO, what is Chaos Magic?

Okay, now to the fun stuff.

I am not going to do this, but if one wanted to, I believe one could make a strong case for the belief that magic is either “order magic” or “chaos magic”. Like I said, I’m not going to do this, but if you do, please share. However, for this blog post, lets just assume these are two very prevalent types of magic.

Order magic would be about control, domination, prediction of the outcomes. Chaos magic is more about a subtle push in one way or another. Chaos magic doesn’t seek to control or dominate or predict. It seeks to unravel, unwind, deconstruct and build something new.

The two most common forms of chaos magic I use are Love Magic, and Unbinding. So lets look at those.


Love & Chaos

Order magic is about dominating another person, making them love you, subverting their will, their reason etc. This is bad in so many ways. But I am not going to go into that right now. However, chaos magic in the love arena is about a hint, a suggestion, the little voice inside saying, “stop denying yourself”.

Chaos magic isn’t going to make a woman rip off her shirt and dance on the table, sorry guys. But, if the woman secretly wants to rip off her shirt and dance on the table, chaos magic is probably going to be the tipping point that allows her to accept it is OKAY to rip off your shirt and dance on the table. Likewise if there is an attraction between two people but there is some ordered obstacle in the way, IE societal pressures, preconceived notions of what is acceptable, low self esteem, shyness, intolerance, etc: then chaos magic is what helps those two people overcome these obstacles, surmount them, and/or smash them to smithereens.

When it comes to sex, chaos magic is the equivalent of unbuttoning the first button on the blouse, loosening the tie, letting the hair down. It is a small smile, a tug in the navel or perhaps the full blown battering of your kundalini on your proverbial chastity belt. I have included some chaotic love spells in the Spells & Recipes section below.

Physical examples of chaos magic are aphrodisiacs, and while they should never be used on someone without their knowledge, it is perfectly acceptable to use them on yourself or on willing participants. In fact, many foods/herbs we consume on a daily basis are aphrodisiacs, we’ve just lost that part of the knowledge. Some aphrodisiatic foods include: coriander/cilantro, cumin, caraway, cinnamon, chocolate, clove, spicy spices and peppers, strawberries, cherries, basil, cardamom, apple blossoms and apples, orange honey, and the list goes on!

How do aphrodisiacs work, exactly? Is it all witchy woo woo? No. Most aphrodisiatic substances actually DO something to you. Some examples are: release endorphins/dopamine, increase blood flow, improve circulation, relax muscles, stimulate brain activity, and so on. I have included some aphrodesiatic recipes and spells in the Spells & Recipes section below.



Often times people, not just witches, unwittingly bind themselves to someone, an idea, a place, a state of mind, or something. This can wreak major problems in your life, especially if you are not aware of it. How does this work? We unknowingly bind ourselves to something/someone by, intentionally or unintentionally, pouring so much of our own energy into something, we create a connection that doesn’t go away unless actually severed. Two most common examples of this are dogma and relationships.

Many people unwittingly bind themselves to dogma before they even know what dogma is, and often times have a lot of help from family or community or friends in doing so. They may grow up within this dogma, or close to it, and it ends up completely blinding them to alternative viewpoints. This can, but doesn’t have to be, religion. Another common example of this is passive racism. You may not go around talking trash about other “races” but you inherently believe in some stereotypes you grew up with, maybe the stereotype is about yourself! This is an example of being bound to dogma.

The other most common version happens in relationships. You get with someone, you love them, they are fun and exciting, everything is about them and you gradually (or not so gradually) lose yourself. We’ve all been there. And it is nice while it lasts. But if you come to a point when you are with someone and you’re not even really sure why, you have major problems that keep recurring in your relationship, you feel restless, agitated, easily aggravated by the other person, find yourself rebelling against them for no reason, feel repelled by them, yet can’t seem to get away from them, stay away from them or even admit that you need to be away from them: then you are most likely bound to them without even realizing it. This is often about romantic relationships, but it doesn’t have to be, it can be about friends, even family. In extension, this could be a job, bad habit, etc.

The good news is? You know now, and unbinding spells are super easy to do, there are a lot of examples and versions out there, and it is completely ethical and logical and okay to use. Anyone who says you have to stay bound against your will is not your friend, nor a very nice person/witch. Yes, preforming an unbinding spell can drastically change your life. But believe me honey, this drastic change is a GOOD thing, a very very good thing. Don’t be afraid of it. Embrace it. This is chaos. And remember, if you are bound against your will, the other person is too (or else they knowingly bound you, in which case who cares what they think, that is so not cool), and by unbinding, you help not only yourself, but them as well. I have included a few unbinding spells in my Spells & Recipes section below, but here is the gist of the basic unbinding.

Intent. This is key, clearly visualize and understand what it is that you want. Proper phrasing comes in here. You always want to phrase it in in the positive. For relationship that might be “(My name) is now unbound from (So and so’s name). Our forced connection is severed. We are free from restraint.”

Symbol. This is actually optional, but for those of us humble witches and magicians, symbol helps us focus our energies and strengthen our magic. Some symbolic things you could use for unbinding are string/ropes, male and female lodestones (for relationships of that ratio), scissors, knots, the actual physical items or items that represent the things being unbound. For example, maybe you are bound to material wealth, you might use something that represents you, like a lock of hair, and something that represents wealth to you, like actual money or something expensive you shouldn’t have bought etc. The possibilities here are endless, there is no right or wrong answer, despite what some people will tell you. This is about finding symbols that mean something to you. Never use something in your magic you don’t understand or do not resonate with, it wont work!

Unbinding agent. This too, is optional, but same rules apply as above. Some examples of unbinding agents are: fire, the universal unbinder, a running river, the sea, scissors, knife, actual physical separation through timespace (like, put one piece far far away from the other) or this might just be your physical hands, or a working collaboration between the two bound parties. Again, you can create your own unbinding spell by finding the things that work for you.

Sometimes unbindings take a while, just let them work.

Also, sometimes you may unbind yourself from a relationship only to find that you still want to be in it. That is okay too. An unbinding spell wont automatically make the relationship stop. It will remove any bindings that were keeping you against your will. You are perfectly free to choose to stay. That is the beauty of it. It is now your choice.

Still want an unbinding spell? I’ve included a couple in the Spells & Recipes section below.


Chaos Spells & Recipes

Here are some spells and recipes to get the chaos magician inside brewing up a storm!


Basic Relationship Unbinding Spell

This works great when both people are on board. The two people bound together hold hands. Wrap a white cord, string or ribbon around them, give one end to each. Visualize the binding, all the strain it is under, how badly it wants to break, then they each begin to unwind it they say:

We are unbound from forced love,

We are unbound from forced relationship,

what is is, what will be will be,

let us love, and live and be free.

Burn the ribbon once you are done, mix the ashes in water and throw it outside or better yet in moving water. If you have no moving water, and no “outside” to throw it, wash it down the drain.


Wiccan Unbinding Spell from The Living Wiccan

What you need: a length of string tied in a circle, a mirror, scissors, your altar if you want. This page also suggests angelica incense, which is a powerful protection agent, and used to break hexes, jinxes and curses.

Imagine the cord or string is the embodiment of the binding upon you, take some time, imagine it all, and what you want to be free from. When you are ready, say this out loud:

A circle round, this cord was bound and now I do release

This spell unbind, the powers ease and my spirit be at peace.

I’m bound no more, by others will, and negativities.

As I cut this thread, the spell be dead and energies released.

Then cut the cord/string. Voici! Feel the binding crumble to bits. You can burn the string, cut it to a million tiny pieces or otherwise blast it off the face of the earth just to be sure. Couldn’t hurt.


Bring love into my life: Mojo bag or Curio bottle

You can make this in either a red/pink bag or piece of cloth, or create it in a bottle/jar. Add nine “love ingredients” to your bag/cloth/bottle.

Some ingredients may include: rose buds, rose quartz, amber, amethyst, heart shapes, ginger root, melissa, cinnamon stick, cloves, vervain, elderflower, coriander seeds, star anise, anise seeds, caraway seeds, fennel seeds, lavender, male and female lodestones, string with knot magic, two sticks tied together, key and lock.

“Anoint” your mojo bag or curio bottle with rose oil, or other love oils.

“Breathe” life into it by whispering your desire to bring love into your life. Remember, don’t be picky. This could mean a lot of things. And to benefit from this the most, you must be open.

Breathe life into it often. Carrying it around with you is preferable, but you could opt to keep it close, under a pillow, or in a drawer at work. And as always, give the magic time and space to work. Don’t worry about. Don’t crowd it. Just believe, breathe into it, and let it do it’s thing.


If you want more “bring love into my life spells” you can purchase many different kinds at my etsy shop, but it is just as easy to make it yourself!


Bring in love like bees to honey spell candle

What you will need: a pink taper candle (you can sub in red or white if you really need), honey, ground cinnamon, nutmeg, and dried bay leaves, crushed rose petals (dried).

Crush the bay leaves and rose petals up as small and powdery as you can.

On the candle, use a paperclip or like to inscribe “LOVE” into the candle. If it is a big candle, inscribe “BRING LOVE INTO MY LIFE”.

Cover the candle in honey, sprinkle with herbs and spices.

In a safe, sacred place where you can let the candle burn all the way down (preferably outside, but not necessary if you can’t), set up a small altar for Ochun or goddess of your choice, or just to the mother earth. Use flowers and maybe cookies or sweets, and other lovely things you wont mind leaving behind (just don’t litter, please).

Clear yourself, light the candle and as you watch it burn, imagine the entire world is made of love, and you are finally able to see it. Ask for love to be brought into your life. Don’t be greedy and don’t be picky. This isn’t about your wants. This is about your needs, and what you can offer to others. If you are looking for specific kind of love, that is okay. Think about what kind of love you are looking for, imagine all the ways you can help others with your love, etc. Meditate on love. Just be love.

WARNING: this spell may result in meeting your soulmate, don’t be closed minded or they might pass you by!


Nature’s Viagra

Herbal alchemists, potion masters and witches have long known nature’s viagra. No blue pill needed. You can use a miniature bottle of liquor, sometimes called a shooter (I used a small bottle of Kraken Rum I purchased at a liquor store), or you can make a big bottle of alcohol, or use alcohol of your choice and a smaller jar/bottle. But, the basic recipe is this:

2 parts* coriander seed

2 parts* anise seed

2 parts* caraway seed

2 parts* fennell seeds

1 part cumin grnd

1 part cardamom grnd

1 part cinnamon grnd

1 part clove grnd

1 part ginger grnd

1 part nutmeg grnd

1 part cayenne pepper grnd

drop of honey

pinch of orange zest/peel

pinch of damania (optional)


to 20 parts alcohol (I prefer rum for this) You can really use any ratio you want, if you use a small “shooter” bottle the way I did, everything will be a pinch, if you use a fifth, then you may want to use teaspoons.

Mix it all together, let steep. Straining is optional. Drink with your partner and enjoy the wild ride!

(*in a small bottle, this will literally be 2 seeds)

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor. This should not be used in lieu of “medical” advice. If your penis doesn’t work, this probably wont help you, but then again, it may, because I, like many, believe the root of ED lies in diet, exercise, energy/blood flow and emotional health.


Love Potion

Steep cumin seeds and coriander seeds in warm wine, share with lover.


Smoking Love

Roll up some (make sure they are organic and food grade dried herbs from a reputable source) white sage, lavender, calendula, damania, mugwort, mullein, catnip & ground cloves (organic rolling tobacco optional) in some unprocessed rolling papers, light it up and enjoy. Will loosen you, open you to love, lend you some extra allure, and bring love and happiness into your life. I promise these are all smokable and legal! Enjoy.


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*wandering wicce, herbalist, jewelry maker, artist, writer, chaos creator & un promotrice officielle du déesse lunaire who sells magical jewelry on Etsy.

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