Six of Cups

You can find the ancient egyptian deck here

You can find the ancient egyptian deck here



Upright: the past, reunion, nostalgia, childhood, innocence, a gift from the past

Reversed: living in the past, naivety, unrealistic goals/expectations, holding on when you should let go


This card is about nostalgia, the past, and sometimes, but not always about children, your childhood, or child-like states of mind. This card can be a gift from the past, or an indication that you (or the querent) is spending too much time “in the past” and not concentrating on the future.

In a relationship spread, the six of cups often means that the relationship needs to be refocused on the future, progress needs to be made, the mistakes and memories of the past needn’t be forgotten, but what is more important is NOW and the FUTURE.

In times of turmoil, the six of cups encourages us to think back on what we’ve learned, remember the good ‘ol days and keep hanging in there! But don’t get caught in it, don’t let what you are holding on to trip you up while your moving forward.

The six of cups also calls for us to bring creativity, fire, and passion into our work. Remember when you were unafraid, and knew everything was going to be alright, no matter what? Sometimes our careers, financial lives, or professional relationships/workload need this same child like enthusiasm.



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