Ogham: “Introduction”

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Modern Witchcraft

Ogham stone

An introduction to the Ogham

The Celtic tree language known as the Ogham, was an early Medieval alphabet. Each letter of the language is attributed by the name of an individual tree. It is unknown whether the Ogham originated as a form of secret communication by political leaders and scholars in opposition to Rome or if it was in fact invented by early Christian settlers in Ireland.

Either way, the Ogham is dated as far back as the 4th century with possible ties to early Elder Futhark runes and latin characters.

“Ogham” itself refers to the style of letters and characters, while the alphabet itself is known as Beith-luis-nin(it should be noted that there is no evidence of the alphabet ever being in the order BLNFS).

Alphabet and its Letters


  • Right side/downward strokes
    1. beith – Birch
    2. luis – Rowan
    3. fearn – Alder
    4. saille – Willow

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  1. You are a busy person. I love the jewellry featured on your site. Interesting topic about the Ogham language,

  2. ah, yes. Too busy I’m afraid. Sorry I didn’t see this earlier! Thanks. I love ancient languages and Modern Witchcraft is a great resource. Thanks for reading!

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