Two of Wands

2 bastoni, 2 batons, 2 of arrows, 2 of spears, 2 bastos, 2 of staves, 2 of koshes, the Two of Wands is a card about the future, taking possession of your own life, experience, discovery and new beginnings.


Upright: Planning for the future, follow through, decisions, discovery, new beginnings, watching the horizon, taking possession of your life, destiny, being bold, exploration.

Reversed: lack of planning, not in control of own life, failure to prepare, self doubt, fear of unknown, afraid to get out of comfort zone.


The two of wands reminds us there must be balance in all things, and to proceed wisely, but not to let over thinking, self doubt or fear get in the way of our naturally inquisitive and explorative souls. We are all on the journey, and the answers are just upon the horizon if we dare to seek them. But we must remember that a good explorer is a prepared and wise explorer. boldness with no plan results in tragedy. Take the moment to make sure you are in control by being prepared for what you might face. This is your destiny, start driving!

This card often indicates a recent awakening, either physical or spiritual. The mystery behind who we are can be seen in the distance, but is still too far to make out much detail. We are at the beginning of our journey of the soul, but we’ve reach a decent vantage point, we’ve come far, and we can finally see how far we truly have to go.

Wands are about passion, creativity, sex, power, heat and energy. The Two of Wands correlates to Mars in Aries, and represents people born between March 21st and April 2nd ish.

Twos in tarot often point to important decisions. The Two of Wands likely indicates querent is at a crossroads, time to make a decision, commit and prepare yourself, now is the time to seize the day.

“carpe diem”


Along the Incan Trail, near the ancient city of Pacchu Micchu, there is a site called ‘Dead Woman’s Trail’ or ‘Dead Woman’s’ hill. It is said that if you stare at the outcrop of mountains for long enough, you will see the outline of an old woman lying on her back with her face towards the sky.  The image in the background of the 2 of Wands card depicts and symbolizes the ‘Dead Woman’ of the Ancient Incas, who revered Mother Earth. Source


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