Sea Goddess Necklace



Delve into the deeps of inner divinity and find the sacred sea goddess within.

Aquamarine is the stone of friendship, communication, equity and courage. It promotes a happy, healthy life, family, and home. It is believed to cool tempers or anger, calm storms or hurricanes and was revered in ancient times a stone of truth, because when worn it enabled the wearer to see through subtle or spiritual deceit.

Rose Quartz is a stone of compassion, healing, love, and admiration. It is considered to be a heart chakra stone, and bead chips of rose quartz much like the ones on this necklace have been uncovered from 7000 bc in ancient Mesopotamia. Ancient Kemetians (Egyptians) also used it in sacred architecture and art.

Pearl is a potent symbol of the fertile goddess and the power of the sea. Water is the force of all life, and all life depends upon water. Pearls are the sea goddess’ sacred tears.

Labradorite has long been known as the shaman stone. Shamanistic cultures believe labradorite is a veil between this world, and the subtle one. Labradorite, when worn, brings out latent powers in the wearer, promoting spiritual enlightenment and connection to the inner divine.

The Octopus is a magical symbol for complexity, mystery, intelligence, that which is hidden, and adaptation.

Together the energies in this necklace bring out the inner goddess, help seekers delve into the mysteries of the psyches and give honor to the Sacred Feminine.This necklace is available for sale in my Etsy Shop.



About Amber Seree

*wandering wicce, herbalist, jewelry maker, artist, writer, chaos creator & un promotrice officielle du déesse lunaire who sells magical jewelry on Etsy.

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