Metamorphosis Spell Bottle Pendulum Necklace


This is a necklace that can be worn wrapped as a choker, or as a single long strand. On one end is a handmade third eye pendulum; on the other; a butterfly charm and a leaf charm, along with a detachable spell bottle containing a handcrafted spell for wisdom, courage, and transformation. The chain is bronze colored, with a section of carnelian.

The third eye pendulum can be used to seek truth and understanding, but when worn is a powerful talisman against the evil eye and for foresight, knowledge and the subtle sight, or third eye. Carnelian is worn by warriors and healers alike for it brings warmth, healing, joy and courage. The blue howlite skull brings calm, patient energies; a vital key in the quest for knowledge; and is heavily associated to the third eye chakra. Butterflies are symbols of transformation, metamorphosis and growth. Leaves are the mother’s blanket, and in them we find nurishment, protection, healing and home.

This pendulum necklace was handmade with love from upcycled, scavenged and salvaged resources. Let no magic go to waste and buy this pendulum necklace now at my Etsy shop.



About Amber Seree

*wandering wicce, herbalist, jewelry maker, artist, writer, chaos creator & un promotrice officielle du déesse lunaire who sells magical jewelry on Etsy.

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