Weight Loss Spells


free+vintage+clip+art+image+-+weight+scaleMoon Weight Loss/Health Spell

Beneath the moon every night (or day, depending on when the moon is up) say these words up to her:

During Waxing: As the moon grows fat I will grow skinny. As her belly swells, let mine recede.

During Full: As the moon is full, so am I, no need for sweets or sugar or pie. Her strength sustains, as I lose weight the goddess gains.

During Waning: As the moon grows skinny, so do I. As her belly recedes, so shall mine.

During New: Take a break and have some organic chocolate! (optional)


Repeat until desired results. Don’t stress about it, just know that it is true and that it takes time. Meditate on the goddess and what she would say to you about wanting to lose weight: that ultimately, your health is more important than your weight, and if you eat real, organic, raw foods and go exploring then the weight loss will come.



Folk Weight Loss Spells


Pounds for sale! Quick, get you’re pounds for sale!

Get two people together, one who wants to lose weight, one who needs/wants to gain (think wrestlers!), and have the one who wants to buy the weight pay the person who wants to sell it. Then shake hands and the deal is done. According to the originator, it takes two weeks and you can only transfer weight in about 10 lbs increments. Hey, works for me! Credit for this spell goes to John M. Hansen and was published on the Lucky Mojo Esoteric Archive


Trolldom Weight Loss Spell

In a trolldom (traditional Swedish magic) weight loss spell this can be done by putting a personal trace of the person in a stream or river of running water and say “as this water runs and flows away, so will the fat and mass of NN´s body run and flow away. Until she has replaced X kilos with sexyness”. Or some similar idea. This helps the subconsious mind by strengthening the idea of what is do be done.

A personal favorite of mine, from a very neat blog I just discovered Trolldom & Hoodoo, go check it out!




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