Coriander (& Cilantro)


Coriandum Sativum

AKA Chinese parsley, dhania, or Cilantro when speaking of the leaves


parts used

seeds; dry, whole or ground

leaves; fresh or dry leaves & stem (cilantro)

roots; dry or fresh for use in cuisine


medicinal properties

seeds are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, disinfectant, detoxifying, antiseptic, antioxidant. Helps clear skin inflammation, lower cholesterol levels, treat diarrhea, regulate blood pressure, treats anemia, and aids digestion. Can help cure ulcers and treat mouth ulcers, also regulate the menstrual cycle. High in iron, calcium, fiber, vitamins K, A and C, coriander seeds are packed full nutrients.

Can be used as tincture, in tea, or as a medicinal culinary additive.

Chew on seeds to help treat and prevent cavities.

Cilantro is also a digestive, and has been known for it’s detoxifying properties.


magical properties

used mainly for love or lust magic, coriander seeds are a natural stimulant, and increase blood flow by relaxing blood vessel tension and are ideal for lust tonics or potions. Coriander seeds are believed to draw in new love, promote fidelity in marriage and are worn as a charm against illness.



coriander is one of the oldest known spices of herbs and was used widely in ancient India, Egypt, Greece, China, Rome and others! Apparently it was grown in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. It was found in the infamous tomb of Tutankhamun; mentioned in the Ebers papyrus (one of the oldest known medical texts) as an all around analgesic; spoke of by Hippocrates; and known in the Ayurveda tradition as well as many other holistic traditions around the world. It was introduced into Western Europe by the Roman Conquest, and is still used to this day to preserve meats, flavor liquor, liqueurs, beer and cuisine.




coriander and cilantro are popular in kitchens all over the world, and form important staples in Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Armenian and Middle Eastern cuisines.


lime & cilantro salsa

3 cloves fresh garlic; pressed or chopped

2 large tomatoes; chopped

2-3 tblspn fresh lime juice

2 handfuls fresh cilantro; chopped

1 white onion; chopped

1 yellow or orange sweet pepper; chopped

1 chili pepper; chopped (size and heat to taste)

1 teaspoon cumin

1 teaspoon fresh oregano; chopped


Drain tomato juice if you like chunkier salsa. Mix it all together, and ole!



DIY “love” curry powder

This makes a nice spice you can put in your shelf and save for a rainy day, or a steamy night!

4 parts ground cumin

2 parts ground coriander

2 parts ground ginger

2 parts ground tumeric

2 parts ground chili pepper

1 part ground black pepper

1/2 part ground nutmeg

1/2 part ground cardamom

pinch of ground cinnamon

pinch of dried calendula petals

2 anise seeds

Mix it all up and store it in a airtight jar or make your own spice jar, just be sure to label it!



spells & potions

love potion

steep coriander, cardamom, cumin and anise seeds in warm wine, share with lover.


fidelity pillow

mix coriander seeds, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, calendula petals & a stick of cinnamon in a small cloth bag or wrap it in cloth and put beneath pillows or mattress to promote fidelity in a marriage.


lust tonic

1 part coriander

1 part fennel

1 part anise

1 part nutmeg

1 part cinnamon

pinch each of ginger, damania, cayenne


add to liquor of your choice (I’d suggest an aged spiced rum or antique bourbon) and steep beneath a full moon. Straining is optional. Share with lover. Enjoy.


find your soulmate bath

add a handful of bay leaves, 2 coriander seeds, a pinch each of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger to your bath to find your soulmate. Add fresh rose petals if in season. You can use a cloth tea bag or if you’re like me, throw it right into the water. Relax. Let love come into your life.


16th century carmelite water – “Eau de Melissa de Carmes”

4 parts mellissa (lemon balm); dried

3 parts lemon zest; fresh

1 part coriander seeds; gently bruised

1 part nutmeg; freshly grated or ground

1/2 part each cloves, cinnamon; ground

1/2 part angelica roots; dried

wine, brandy, alcohol of choice, or mix thereof


add herbs to liquor; steep three days in dark dry place; strain; enjoy within 6 months. Can be taken internally as a powerful tonic, used externally as  toilette spray (perfume); and topically as sore muscle rub; cleansing agent; for arthritis, gout, the list goes on.



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