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A purple quartz, the amethyst has long been associated with water, the moon abilities (psychic awareness, dreams, healing, fertility) and renown for it’s calming, soothing spiritual effect.

The Romans associated the amethyst with Neptune, the water god, whose month was February. To this day, amethyst is the birthstone of February.

Amethyst comes from the greek amethystos, which can be translated as “not intoxicated” from greek a-, “not”  and methustos, “intoxicated”. It was largely believed to protect one from getting blitzed and making a fool out of oneself. To keep one clear headed it was worn on the fingers or mounted on goblets. Too bad this one didn’t know such things in high school. :/



Amethyst when worn will protect from seduction and mystical inebriation.

Amethyst when put under the pillow will aid in peaceful sleep and in some cases, prophetic and or lucid dreaming.

Amethyst amulets are said to glow brighter when close to poison and pale if the wearer is sick.

Amethyst is a great crystal to use with tarot readings, other divinations or as a pendulum.

Amethyst is considered to be a stone of the crown chakra.


amethyst alchemy

Amethyst-1By happenstance I found this liquid elixir of amethyst, by AlchemiaNova, who crush the amethyst into nano sized chunks and dissolve it in a vegetable-derived solvent, for external and internal use.

According to AlchemiaNova, applied topically, amethyst elixir draws out poisons from spider bites, insect bites and reduces swelling. Taken internally it detoxifies the body and helps conquer addictions. It can be used as a treatment for alcoholism, hypoglycemia, headaches and migraines. Cool!

Here is an interesting article over at The Witchipedia on making your own gem elixirs.





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