The Fool


The Fool, the madman, the beggar, the seeker, the wanderer. As card 0, Le Fou has no place in the deck, and can come first or last. In many ways, the entire deck represents the Fool’s journey through life.

The Fool is usually portrayed as a vagabond, with only what he/she can carry, traversing a lovely countryside.


Foolish Vocab

Freedom, new beginnings, fresh start, naivety, free-spirited, spontaneity, leap of faith, adventure, spiritual journey, personal growth, humanism


Traditional Meaning

The fool represents a fresh start, potential, optimism and innocence. It can signify a journey, or an adventure, but the Fool also warns to look before you leap.


My Take

Rather than see the Fool as a ragged vagabond, blissfully ignorant and socially appalling, I see instead the Seeker of truth, the Wanderer who is not lost. The Fool represents the shedding of material wealth for spiritual gain.

“The man who cares not the condition of his clothes will eventually feel the rain. The man who cares not the condition of his spirit will eventually feel nothing.”

As a person, the Fool lives on faith, and while seen by many in society to be foolish, or unappealing, the Fool usually has a deep connection with those s/he’s with. He goes forth without fear, and loves with the whole heart. He is happy no matter where he is or who he is with. Some may confuse the fool’s open heart for weakness, but many a wicked have learned the hard way that love is the most powerful magic of all.

The Fool may represent the need to go beyond your comfort zone. Sometimes growth is painful, and letting go is hard. But our spirits are more hardy than we think, and the Fool reminds us that occasionally we just need to man up and make the best of it, find our silver lining and love it with all we’ve got.


Foolish Advise

All things are temporary — Buddhist Tradition







About Amber Seree

*wandering wicce, herbalist, jewelry maker, artist, writer, chaos creator & un promotrice officielle du déesse lunaire who sells magical jewelry on Etsy.

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